How I see Sports

This is a weekly blog covering my opinions of Sport stories making the news. This is the first post of many, so lets get started.

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram had a break-out game for the New Orleans Saints against the sometimes pitiful Dallas Cowboys. Since he left Alabama, Ingram has not had many games where he showcased the talent that he showed in College. Was this because he finally adjusted to the Pro game or was this performance the result of the “horrible” defense that Cowboys exhibited yesterday? Monte Kiffin better then Rob Ryan? His defense certainly wasn’t in that game.

Colin Kaepernick

Many fans & media thought Kaepernick was ready to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame after only a partial season. He certainly doesn’t look like that now. His first couple of games this year were decent, but he has not shown any greatness since then. He has trouble passing for 200 yards a game now and his running for sizable gains are non-existent. Is he hurt? no word out of San Francisco if he is. Is this the so called “sophomore jinx or was he highly overrated.

 Wade Phillips

It seems to me Wade was not the right choice to lead Houston while Gary Kubiak recovers form his illness. Not only was this apparent in the game where Kubiak was injured, but really has he ever been a Good Head Coach? Good defensive coordinator but can’t seem to grasp the intricate details of running a football team in the NFL.


The NFL is certainly the number 1 sport in America. Why is it then that they are the only major Professional sport that does not use full time officials? Are they cheap? After seeing the amount of money they make and the way they treat former players (lawsuits, benefits etc.), what other explanation is there. Watch any game on Sunday and there will be numerous calls that are either missed of gotten wrong. They could use all the money they collect in fines to help cover the cost of  full time officials. I would think there would be enough $ to cover a year round salary.


I’m sure this will be an on going topic that drives me crazy. For the most part, NFL TV announcers are horrible. Simms, Dierdorf, Gruden, Mayock, Tirico, Myers. The list goes on & on. You can count on one hand the announcers (color or play by play) that are enjoyable to listen to. Not to mention knowledgeable. The Studio hosts are not much better. Do you mean to tell me that these are best there is? It’s a sad collection of awful announcing. Is it entertainment? Don’t think so. There are even a few representing the NFL (nfl network) that you need an interpreter to understand. I understand that it takes a certain skill but there has to be hundreds of viable candidates that would be better from a Fan’s viewpoint.

Coming next week a continued look at topics in the World of Sports including a detailed opinion of # 1 crybaby and everyone’s favorite QB  Peyton Manning.